Over the years it has come to my attention that there are some things that everyone seems to want to know. So I thought I would address a few of them here. I want to thank “Michael” for the post in my yahoo group. This is what Michael’s post read” first what do the tattoo on your back say…some are chinese characters one looks like dolphins and one looks like an egyptian ankh
and if you don’t mind..in all your movies you have a gold star necklace..i would assume that means something special :)”

To answer your first question – The tattoos on my back are different signs and symbols all representing me.

Grin Stylez at work

There is one missing in this photo. My newest one. It sits between the bottom two and is an infinity symbol.

As far as question 2…. The silver star around my neck represents a lot to me. First of all I love it. It is my favorite piece of jewerly I have. It wasn’t expensive, as a matter of fact it was inexpensive, but I find it makes me happy. It also goes with nearly everything! But on a deeper level, It reminds me to be humble. reminds me not to get caught up in stardom or fame. I cannot let my job define me as a person. It’s just a job that can be taken off as easily as a cheap necklace, a cheap necklace that I adore…..

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