More Than What I CAME For

I get a call from a friend. He asked me to come by. I KNEW I was gonna get some. I always do. I come over to his place and he’s got 3 guys at his crib. I thought “damn, maybe I’m not gettin any:-(” One of the guys leaves w/ a girl.  We all smoke and then he calls me into his room. I was real happy to get what I came for. He lays on the bed and I start blowing him. I’ve got my ass in the air on my hands and knees. He’s got a big piece, 10 and a half inches and very phat. Definitely big enough to satisfy me over and over. Almost a decade he’s been on the rotation, always bringing it.   I look up from suckin him and he’s texting on his phone. With in minutes one of the guys comes into the room. He comes over and stands behind me, fingering my pussy. I look up, give him little notice and continue to service my cock. Another guy walks in gets behind me and I hear the sound of 2 zippers dropping. I turn around and let the sloppy wet dick I’ve been blowing hit it from the back as I take the other 2 in my mouth and hands. One dick was maybe 11 inches, and the other closer to 9. I love getting fucked by 3 guys… Keeping everything so busy. My mouth drooling over the cocks, my hands stroking them and my pussy getting used just like I like. My friend in my pussy (who is in porn) excused himself for a minute to let the other guys get a little more comfortable with me. The guy with the bigger cock cme behind me and slid himself into my pussy in a spoon. I worked on draining the other guy orally. 5 strokes max and he was done and gone. My friend came back in and filled my hoke as I sucked every drop of nut out of the last guy. He busted in my mouth and I swallowed that nut and went right back to fucking my friend who could do it to me all day/night. About 10 min passed. We were gettin it in. Sweaty shakin orgasms over and over. Giving me even more than what I came for. Then the bedroom door opens. It’s his other boy. This is the dude that had left w/ a girl. He comes in. Starts rubbing my ass and his dick. I pull it out while I’m riding my friend. I start sucking his meat. It was about 8 inches, and fit down my throat perfectly. I gagged and spit all over it. I could tell by the throbbing this wouldn’t last long. In under 5 mins he bust in my mouth and said “I gotta go, my girl’s in the car” . That shit made my day. Lmfao. Without missing a stroke I went back to bouncing on my boy’s dick. It was so good. Even better after he shared me with his boys. I fucked him all night. Nutting on his dick over and over again. We took a quick nap, woke up in the morning and fucked a few more hours. I couldn’t help myself, I wanted to give him every bit of my pussy, for his selflessness alone. I left his apt in the afternoon and was on to the next one…..

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