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I had just landed in LA and I was planning on staying with my friend. He was flying in later and promised me a place to crash. I got done working and drove over to his part of town. I still hadn’t heard from him, but I wasn’t concerned, he always has my back. I drove around and made some phone calls. I connected with a promoter who I had met like a year prior. He said he was having a business meeting in the area and that I was welcome to come over and eat dinner with them. I thought “eh, why not? I’ve got nothing else to do. ” so I met them at their hotel and then headed to the restaurant. There was 3 black guys and an Asian guy. Dinner was great and I spent time talking to each of the guys. All very nice to me, respectful and polite, pulse they all had their fair share of charisma.Dinner was over and I still hadn’t heard from my friend. So I went out for some drinks with the guys. We already had some drinks at dinner, so we were on our way… The bar we went to was weird, definitely not my type of scene. But, I made do with a vodka and cranberry or 3! One of the guys left … I don’t know why, but maybe he saw what was about to happen and chickened out or maybe he picked someone else up at the bar. We dance and flirt with each other, all of us. In the car the Asian guy mentioned that he regularly is involved in gangbangs. That turned me on a bit, because he didn’t show any sign of weakness. He was ready. Ready for whatever. I was too. We all go back to the hotel. Walk in the room and continue our conversation. It was a little awkward at first, but I knew what was about to happen. I was laying on the bed and I felt some hands on me. I was beyond ready. I took off my clothes and started sucking the first dick that was in my face. Very quickly I felt a hand on my ass, a dick in my pussy and now, another dick in my face. I sucked and stroked while I took the biggest in my pussy. Every one got a turn on my cunt, giving it their best. The dicks were all different and all good dicks. Each one beat up my pussy a little differently. The guys went “around the world”, as the one guy said… I spent a little time with each of them, making sure I knew what each guy really felt like. When everyone was done and had cum it was crazy late and after some discrepancies on the sleeping arrangements 4 of us passed out…for just a couple hours. Soon the one guy started snoring and it woke the rest of us up. I suddenly had a dick in my pussy and was getting the good morning side ass. He went in on a brief mission and once it was accomplished there was another dick hard and ready to go. With the 3rd guy still snoring and the 1st cleaning himself up, I back my ass up to the other guy. I bounce my phatty all over him until he couldn’t take it anymore and busted all over my ass. I stood up, and went into to the bathroom to get cleaned up. I came out and put my clothes on thanked the guys (that were awake) and left. It was now early morning and I called my friend that I was supposed to stay with. I was a little worried at this point. He was at work and said that he had drank a little and forgot that I was staying with him! I told him that it was cool because I had my own adventures!


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