My Birthday Weekend part 1

A girlfriend calls me and says she has a friend of hers that lives in Miami that she thinks I would like. She knows me pretty well, I can definitely trust her opinion. So I go over to his apartment and he is waiting for me outside. Wow. If I had a “type”, he would be it. This guy want tall, bald-headed, muscular and was a beautiful caramel color. We hadn’t decided what we were going to be doing and he had been fishing all day in the hot sun so he was ready to relax. I was ready to jump him. I couldn’t wait to have him naked and inside me. He leaned in for a kiss and we started making out. Quickly our clothes were off and we were headed for the bedroom. His dick was huge. Such a pleasant surprise, it was thick and long…maybe 9 inches. Although, it seemed like he was going to be amazing in bed regardless of his size. He was very passionate. I love kissing. I really do. And…. Honestly….I don’t get to do it enough. I love it. So when it was apparent that he did too we spent a lot of time kissing. Sucking each others lips and tongues. And rubbing all over each others body. He broke out a bottle of oil and began rubbing my body down with it. I love the feel of oil all over me. His hands were so strong. He rubbed my boobs around and sucked on the nipples. As he worked his way down my body and rolled me over to my belly so he could rub my butt, pouring even more oil on it. I could feel his hands sliding from my ass closer and closer to my pussy. Feeling his fingers slide between my lips and rubbing my clit. I loved every second of it. His fingers entered me and his lips were dragging down my neck. He was slow and very deliberate with every touch. My breathing kept getting heavier and heavier. This was the definition of passion. Those fingers felt so good in me, but the were eventually swapped out for his solid hunk of meat. I couldn’t believe how good I felt. So relaxed. He was all over me and in me and I loved it. He kissed and held me from behind, digging his dick deep into my pussy. I climbed on top of him and rode his dick. I came all over him over and over and over. I couldn’t stop coming. My body was convulsing. I was trembling. I couldn’t possibly cum again. And then I did. I rolled over and was facing him now, on my back. He slid down my body and started licking my pussy. His mouth was so warm and he kissed my pussy and made it throb. He came back up to my mouth and pumped himself into me as we made out. I could feel all of him. Every inch. It was so good. I could feel him throb as he came inside me. I couldn’t even stop him, not that I wanted too. We laid there a minute, covered in sweat, cum, and oil. Then we got cleaned up and went for some sushi. When dinner was over I thanked him for the amazing night. I had some friends in town and was going to finish my night up with them… be continued….


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