My birthday weekend part 2

I went over to my friend’s hotel that was nearby. He was waiting for me outside the hotel so he just jumped in the cab. We chatted and caught up on our way to meet our other friend at his hotel. I have had some really incredible experiences with these guys, so I’m always excited to see them. I never know what’s going to happen. We walked through the hotel as my anticipation was building. We walked into one of the suites. It was quiet and dark. He knocked and opened the door. My friend I came with left me and I walked into the room. He was in bed, in his underwear under the covers and invited me. I took off all of my clothes and crawled in bed with him. This man is so sexy I can sometimes hardly believe that I am actually in his presence. We spoke a little, but I went straight for his dick, putting it right into my mouth. He like my oral, but had his eyes on me. He didn’t didn’t let me suck him very long before he was asking for the condoms. I put one on him and bent over. He was on his knees behind me and slid his dick into my wet pussy. He had a nice big dick. Not monstrous, but big enough to please most women. And…. I couldn’t help think that he has pleased thousands of women. He grabbed me up by my waist and pounded my pussy. Such a contrast from my earlier experience that night. He practically knocked the wind out of me, lol. He went from traditional doggie, to an “up and over” position to a closed-legged doggie. He was really trying every position. He had me on my side a couple different ways and on my back. I think the only way we didn’t do it was me on top. Which is usually my favorite position with a guy. It’s probably a good thing that I didn’t get on top, I may have never left him. Lol. He finished with me in doggie again, my ass just bouncing off of him. I pushed off of him and sucked his nut out of him. We laid there and talked for a hour or so. He is so interesting. Has so much to say, I really enjoyed talking to him. I wished we could talk more often, and of course, fuck too. But, our very different lives won’t allow that to happen. Sometimes I get bummed out that my occupation limits my relationships with people, but then I remember that it is my occupation that provides me with accessibility to many, many people who I would have never had contact with. I am just thankful of being even a small part of so many people’s lives. He told me things I’m sure he hadn’t told many if anyone. He expected me to spend the night and I did. This was not the most romantic experience, but it was very enjoyable. I laid there and hoped that this wouldn’t be the last time. But, lives go on and we never really know that for sure. I woke up to my phone vibrating. It was Him. He is the one I spend some of my dirtiest, filthiest moments with. It was 7 am and he was just getting off work and was ready to give me my birthday present. But, I was still laying in bed with the other one. I was plotting on how to escape when his phone started going off and there was a knock at the door. He had to get up and start his day. Perfect. We both left together. But, separately, of course. I Got in the taxi, stopped at home, with the taxi waiting outside. I ran upstairs, changed my clothes and showered as quickly as possible and came right back downstairs to head over to His place.

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