Boobs: before and aft… The Legend continues

On 2/21 I went under the knife and got my breasts redone. I had originally had surgery in 2001 to change my modest 36C to an enormous 36E. Those breasts were some of the first silicone implants after they had all the health and legal issues in the 90’s. I loved my big titties! They were great. But over the years my body changes and technology changes, so after loving my implants for 13 years I decided it was time to get new ones. I did’nt want bigger boobs, or smaller, i just knew it was time for new ones. Once I announced I was getting new ones I was bombarded with questions like “why?”
Well, not only was time a factor… 13 years is a long time to have the same implants. But also I had developed some scar tissue that needed to be removed in order to get a more natural shape. And since I was going in I might as well get the newest technology – “gummy bear” implants, which are super soft and when torn apart or ripped they don’t leak. So my titties are bulletproof! Lol


As you can see the shape has changed and they do look more natural. Just as planned. They are all healed now and I am ready to play! I hope you enjoy these tits as much as the old ones!

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